Montalk : (Matrix Resources)

Matrix Resources

God’s Gladiators – Stuart Wilde
Entertaining book in which Stuart gives his take on the matrix control system, which he calls “The Sphere”. Contains many good points eloquently worded and provides a nice, slim, and fun explanation of the matrix and the transdimensional entities who operate it. Read a longer review here

Tales from the Timeloop – David Icke
Intriguing book in which David Icke gives his take on the matrix control system, which he calls simply “the matrix”. David Icke crams hundreds of pages of data exploring the matrix from its outer political facets to the inner hyperdimensional core, and then reveals his ayahuasca mystical experience whereby he was enlightened with knowledge concerning the illusory nature of our reality. All around good book, though very Ickey.

Dear God! What’s Happening to Us? – Lynn Grabhorn
Practical book in which Lynn Grabhorn gives her take on the matrix control system. She refers only to its operators, which she calls “The Others”. Her main thesis is that The Others feed upon our negative emotions and try to trip us up, and that the solution is to raise our emotional frequency and state intentions denying them the permission to manipulate.

The Stellar Man – John Baines
Excellent book dissecting the human condition from a Jungian and Hermetic perspective. Discusses why humans are consciously asleep and what is required to bring a person from the state of man-animal to man-divine, or to the ‘stellar man’ as Baines calls it. Baines refers to the matrix control system only as the collective species consciousness of humanity, which is certainly an active factor in matrix control. Contains advice on how to heighten conscious awareness, necessary to fulfill one’s potential and avoid getting sucked into the morphic field of mass human ignorance.

Hypsoconsciousness – John Baines
A purely practical book containing discussion and exercises for increasing concentration, focus, and awareness. These are based on exercises of the Hermetic tradition. Great resources for increasing one’s lucidity, mental coherence, discipline, and productivity.

In Search of the Miraculous – Ouspensky
Informative introduction to Fourth Way philosophy, initiated by Gurdjieff and his student Ouspensky. Fourth Way philosophy is based on fragments of an esoteric teaching regarding a systematic way of advancing individual spiritual evolution. The basic premise is that we are asleep machines who require self-observation and discipline to begin waking up, getting our metaphysical systems back online and reconnecting with our higher consciousness.

Gnosis, Volumes I/II/III – Boris Mouravieff
A more thorough and complete treatment of the same esoteric teachings underlying Fourth Way philosophy. Mouravieff assembles gnostic Christianity into a coherent system encompassing all facets of spiritual evolution, both for the individual and for humanity. Mouravieff explains the metaphysical significance and purpose of the matrix control system and its agents, something rarely acknowledged in published sources dealing with the subject. Heavy stuff but an extremely valuable resource worth its price for the serious student of metaphysics.